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Same Day Setup


Let's see if what we do matches up with what you need!

Why Choose ark?
  • Same Day Setup of a Merchant Account

  • Detailed Analysis of your Current Processing Situation

  • No Contracts and No Early Termination Fees for Low/Medium Risk

  • Stand Alone Credit Card Terminals with No Markup 

  • Same Day Proposals 

  • Fraud and Chargeback Prevention Strategies

  • Statement Review After You've Processed with us for 1 Full Month

  • Access to the Latest Technologies in Payment Processing

At ark, we have an IDEA of what you might be looking for! 

We want you to be happy!

We don't put low risk or medium risk clients in contracts or charge early termination fees for many reasons but here are a few of the biggest reasons: 

What if you close your business? We don't kick people when they're down. If you close your business, just let us know and we will promptly close your account with no penalty. 

What if you sell your business? You shouldn't have to worry about a penalty or a contract term when you are selling your business that you worked hard to build. Once again, call us and we will close your account out. If you enjoyed working with us, we would love to be referred to the person who bought your business! 

What if our competitor lies to you and you leave us under a false premise? Nothing says "we kick people on the way out" like an early termination fee does. We want to leave the door open for you to come back to us! Charging a penalty burns a bridge and we don't like burnt bridges.    

You First, Us Second
We would love to make you look like a hero to your clients! 


We love accepting referrals from and giving referrals to:
Regional/Local Banks
Vertical Specific Software Companies
Controller/CFO Consultants
POS Companies
Commerical Realtors
Commercial Loan Officers
Commerical Insurance Reps
Business Brokers
Medical Software Companies
Large Medical Equipment Sales 
Automotive Large Equipment Sales
IT Consultants 
Non-Profit Organizations
Want to refer your clients to us for credit card processing?
We work with multiple vendors and multiple technologies!
If you like a certain technology, we want you to be able to use it! That's why we search out the best vendors for the following products and services:
  • Virtual Terminals
  • Mobile Payment Apps
  • E-Commerce Platforms 
  • Point of Sale Systems 
  • Stand Alone Terminals 
  • Online Ordering Solutions
  • Lending 
  • EMV 
  • Unique Marketing and Loyalty Programs 
We don't just sell one type of product or service from one vendor.
How Do We Save You Money? We are SO glad you asked! 

We are able to save you money in a variety of ways but here are just a few ways: 

We get rid of junk fees that shouldn't be on your statement.

We don't take your fees daily. We take our fees monthly and it's always in arrears for the previous month's processing. Doing a daily reconcile is costly in time and in money!

If you aren't qualifying for the best interchange rates, we will teach you how to pass through additional information to the Card Brands when you are running your transactions. 

Sometimes taking pin based debit can save you money depending on your average ticket and the type of business that you have. 

Chargebacks and Fraud are costly. Once you become a client of ark, we have a "cheat sheet" that we will give you on how to prevent chargebacks and fraud.

We don't do bill-backs for a previous month's processing. When you get a statement from us, it is for one month's worth of processing, not a partial month.

We make sure that you are batching before the Federal Reserve cut-off each night so that you aren't inadvertently delaying your deposits.  

We can lower your effective rate by pricing you appropriately for your combined volume if you have multiple locations OR price you appropriately based on your average ticket and volume as you are growing your business. 

Saving You Money Is Our Specialty 

Ready to get started?

On your marks, get set....

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At ark Payment Solutions, we are excited to speak with you! Give us a call or email us, we actually pick up our phone and answer our emails!

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ark Payment Solutions

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Henderson, NV 89052

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Phone: (702) 257-8295


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