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“4 Things You Should Expect from Your Merchant Services Rep”

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

While there are dozens of things I could list in regard to this topic, I have narrowed it down to 4 things that you should expect from the representative that will be facilitating your merchant account for your business:

1. EXPERIENCED – Although everyone has to start somewhere, the sad reality is that most people who sell merchant services know just enough to be dangerous. These are the people that at best, they basically know the minimum to get by, but once your business runs into a major problem, they have no idea how to solve it or even where to begin. Experience does matter when you are handling someone else’s money. For most businesses, credit card acceptance makes up 80%-90% of their income. Handling your money is a huge responsibility and sadly, my potential clients have come across more inexperienced reps than experienced ones.

2. TRUSTWORTHY – I’m not talking about someone who says YOU CAN TRUST ME but rather, how is your rep MODELING trust to you? Do they seem desperate to get your business? Do they show up and throw up all of the solutions that they can offer you? Are they unprofessional by mentioning that they have a quota to meet or that they must have you sign an agreement before the end of the month? A trustworthy representative will ask great questions, be genuinely interested in your business and work on your timeline not theirs. Your rep should not be offering solutions until they know exactly how your business operates and what YOUR needs are. Your specific needs should dictate the product that your merchant services rep sells you.

3. DETAILED – Being detailed is obviously not everyone’s forte but it should be something that you look for in a merchant services rep. Someone who pays attention to detail is very valuable, especially when it comes to your money! I can’t tell you how many times I have caught mistakes or irregularities on paperwork, reports and statements that have saved my clients hundreds or thousands of dollars. Often times, these mistakes could be a wrong bank account #, a wrong zip code, a Federal Tax ID# that was missing a digit, all sorts of things that could have caused delays or financial repercussions for my clients.

4. AVAILABLE – This probably goes without saying but does your merchant services rep pick up their phone and answer email and voicemails in a timely manner? Do they ignore you or think it’s ok to not return an email or voicemail for days on end? One of the things that I learned early on in this industry is that you MUST have follow through and be prompt with your responses. Not only do I have thousands of competitors, but I also have an incredible opportunity to earn the business of a client for life, if I give prompt and expert help.

While this is not an exhaustive list of things you should look for, it’s a good start. If someone is detailed and available in the proposal process for your business, chances are they will be detailed and available when they are servicing your account. Being in this industry has taught me to be a good listener. I couldn’t do it any other way!

At Ark Payment Solutions, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your new or existing business. If you are looking for a detailed analysis and proposal, feel free to email us at or call us at 702-257-8295. We would love for you to join the Ark Payment Solutions family!


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