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Changing the way you feel about payment processing

Making things simpler

Wouldn't it be nice for someone to explain credit card processing in simple terms?

We want to educate you with enough information so that we are the processor that you choose!

Getting you from Point A to Point B without all of the confusion is our goal!



Five things your merchant services

representative doesn't want you to ask.

Statement Analysis

We can read merchant statements in our sleep! Let us help you read your statement and know exactly what you are paying and to whom!

If you are in a good situation, we will be honest and tell you that, even if it means that you stay with your current processor!


But if you are NOT getting the pricing, service and technology that you deserve, we hope that you will choose us!

Simplified Pricing

We tell you how we are compensated!


ark Payment Solutions uses the 'Interchange Plus' pricing model. Interchange is a fancy word for wholesale pricing that processors pay to the Card Brands.

Fraud & Chargeback


Tired of chargebacks and fraud? How about money being debited from your business checking account for these charges from your processor?


Call us and we can help you! 


Ready to Work with Us?

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